Birthdays, family celebrations, anniversaries or just a casual gathering with friends

Quality Hotel Ambassador Hamburg is the perfect venue for any celebratory occasion. From private gatherings to elaborate wedding celebrations, let us guide you and experience an unforgettable day.

  • Breakfast Invitation, from € 14.00

    Why not invite guests for breakfast? Let us set your table with festive linens, candles and flowers – all you have to do, is raise your glass and enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet with your party.
  • Delightful Brunch, from € 26.50

    If breakfast is too ordinary, enjoy your celebratory occasion with a scrumptious brunch buffet in a relaxed setting. Hot and cold delicacies and a wide selection of breakfast items and desserts will dekight you and your guests.
  • Classy Luncheon, from € 15.00

    You are looking for a venue with professional service in a comfortable setting? Count on us, we are happy to assist ou from menu planning and wine selections to table decorations.


Your contact:

Henry Kalthoff

Tel.: 040 – 23 88 23 809
Fax: 040 – 23 00 09

  • Coffee table or Tea Time, from € 9.00

    We invite you to indulge your sweet tooth and custom design the event to your specifications. A wide selection of pies, cakes and tarts along with coffee and tea selections await you and your guests.
  • Dinner – the way you like it – from € 21.00

    Course menu or buffet, we promis an enchanting evening. If you prefer an exciting party, why not add a dance floor? Let us be your party planner.
  • Open Bar, from € 28.00

    When selecting an open bar, you know your charges ahead of time. Generally soft drinks, house wine and beer are included. Additional offerings or restrictions can be added based on your preference and budget. Selection and duration dictate the price.


Last, but not least:

We have a little surprise for the guest of honor.

Above prices are for groups of 20 or more. We invite you to contact us, for additional information and custom tailiored events.